26 - 28 September, 2017 | Novotel Sydney Central

Networking and Interactivity

Networking and Interactivity - The IQPC event experience explained

This is not a mass participation event, featuring hundreds of attendees. This event is a tightly focused networking, business development and learning platform for senior executives. The conference experience has been specifically designed to increase the opportunities for collaboration and networking courtesy of formats like speed networking, solutions clinics, interviews and debates.

We encourage you to bring your business cards, actively participate in the interactive learning and networking sessions, reflect on your current commercial challenges and leverage the event to identify new high value relationships and tangible business solutions which you can implement when you are back in the office.

Some of the networking and interactive sessions you can expect at Conduct Risk Culture & Regulation 2016 include:

  Speed Networking Sessions

An effective structured interactive session designed to help you expand your network through one-on-one focused conversations. Bring plenty of business cards.

   CRO Thought Leadership Panel Session

Senior leaders must take responsibility for the communication, speak credibly and consistently about the importance of culture, and turn these cultural messages into workable operating arrangements with appropriate systems and controls, while maintaining board engagement.

  Champagne Solution Clinic

Developing an effective risk appetite backed by your board, establishing what a good culture looks like and how to measure it, managing remuneration structures and incentive packages to minimise conduct risk, and protecting whistle blowers and creating a speak up culture

  Expert Panel Discussions

Influencing and Building an Ethical Culture to Manage Conduct Risk

  • Understanding Conduct Risk, Risk Culture and Organisational Culture
  • Defining what a ‘good’ and ‘bad’ culture looks like and the factors that influence ethical behavior
  • What does conduct risk mean in different industries and what is the level of activity in monitoring
  • Underlining the importance of an ethical culture and how this can reduce conduct risk