25 - 26 September, 2018 | Royce Hotel, Melbourne, VIC

Shanan White

Regional Head of Fraud and Security
Macquarie Bank

1:30 PM Exploring How Organisational Culture Affects Insider Risk and Targeting the Underlying Causes

Culture is the biggest defining factor in how insider risk is affected or defined. Employee psychology is influenced by how they’re treated by the organisation and so it is important that the organisational values are applied evenly and consistently. Fairness plays a big part in perception and how they get treated will directly affect their behaviour and their outlook of the business and work. Leaders need to be held accountable for actions and have a transparent way of working. To target insider risk, education and whistle blowing should be encouraged for change.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Managing visible perceptions in the company to encourage consistent morale and values
  • Gaining trust with customers through transparency
  • Encouraging education and change to prevent risk from within

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