Workshops: Thursday, 28 September 2017

9:00 AM - 11:00 AM Best Practise for Taking Control of Conduct Risk within your Organisation for Good Customer Outcomes

The concept of “conduct risk” has risen to the top of firms’ and regulators’ agendas in recent years. Recent misconduct scandals include mis-selling of products/service, fraudulent actions, unjustified fees and market manipulation. Improving conduct within the industry is an essential part of rebuilding trust and delivering good outcomes for the customer.

If you are looking to better understand and manager your organisations conduct risk culture, then this workshop is for you. This collaborative workshop will aim to help you better understand the assessment, intervention and mitigation of conduct risk.

This workshop will discuss the fundamental drivers of misconduct

  • Benchmark your institutions methods for managing risk against other competitors
  • Implementing effective methods for assessing culture your institution can better mitigate their financial risks
  • Remove structures/governance and behavioural assessments to engage in a multi-faced approach

11:30 AM - 1:30 PM Addressing and Measuring the Root Cause of Misconduct for Creating a Ethical Culture

Banks and other financial institutions have come under intense pressure to address the root causes of cultural issues. As a result, there has been widespread change to control frameworks and business processes – and massive investment in cultural change of a scale not seen before in banking.

The need to understand, measure and enhance risk culture of organisations in the financial sector is increasing. National and international regulators are placing greater emphasis on companies ability to demonstrate effective risk management culture.

This interactive workshop will delve into tools and measure to ensure that your company is utilising resources and technology effectively to ensure good outcomes for customers.

  • Establish what tools different stakeholder groups use to identify red flags, including the use of innovative technology
  • Identify the link between risk culture and risk outcomes
  • Apply emerging physiological tools to risk culture
  • Assess and measure risk and establish processes and controls to mitigate that risk

2:30 PM - 4:30 PM Setting the Tone from the Top for Effective Risk Management

Risk culture is the responsibility of the leadership team because it is critical to the effective management of the business. It is clear that a poor risk culture in certain organisations can contribute to penalties, fines, and reputational risk. Poor conduct management continues to cause high-profile problems in the financial sector. So it is no surprise those regulators, rating agencies and other stakeholders are focused on risk culture to understand whether organisations are handling risk appropriately.

  • Updating and implementing a risk management framework to comply with new regulation standards
  • Making sure the same message is aligned throughout the organisation through communication strategies
  • Unique methods for supporting the Board to ensure that the three lines of defence are firmly in place and working properly with an effective review process
  • Developing communication and leadership skills from the top-down